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Digital Tensile Testing Machine in Indonesia
4 out of 5

MODEL:TTM-S (as per capacity)
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  • The maximum force that can be applied to the specimen is 250 kg-force.
  • The least count is 100 grams.
  • ¼ HP motor is duly fitted for the proper working of the machine, and it works on the single phase power supply.
  • The testing instrument works on the power supply of 220 Volts single phase AC.
  • Power consumed by machine is 1 kilowatt.
  • Overall dimension of the instrument is 66 cm X 54 cm X 160 cm.
  • Different grips are provided to hold various types of products.
  • The weight of the instrument is 140 Kg and 212 Kg after packaging.
  • Sample cutting die, and Sample Cutting Press are supplied on customer’s demand to cut the samples.
  • The testing instrument is designed using mild steel that ensures the strength of the machine.
  • Overload protection and limit switches are provided as additional features.
  • Standard branded motor and CE electric wiring are supplied with the device.
  • It is an extremely standardized machine designed using sophisticated technology that ensures easy maintenance and reliable performance.
  • It bright chrome plating ensures rust proof finish of the machine.

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  • ASTM D412 – 06a(2013)
  • ASTM D624 – 00(2012)
  • ASTM D429 – 14