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Vacuum Leak Tester in Indonesia
4 out of 5

MODEL:PVL - 0130 (150 mm)
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    • The maximum pressure range can be created up to 600 mm hg.
    • Least Count is 1mm hg.
    • It is designed with two desiccators of different diameters i.e. 150mm and 300mm that allows the user to perform the on the sample of various sizes using single machine
    • It has a digital preset timer that helps to set the precise timing easily.
    • Pressure gauge and release valve are provided for easily build up and mentoring the pressure inside the desiccators.
    • The desiccator is provided with pressure release mechanism to release the residual pressure which is left inside after the completion of the test.

  • It is designed to ensure smooth and easy operation,
  • It is designed as per the standards.
  • The aluminum body ensures corrosion resistant finish and long working life.